8 Reasons why you Must Pursue a Degree in the UK

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The United Kingdom admits over 270,000 new students every year and still maintains a perfect ethnical stability in the country.

But the real question is: “Why is the UK a hotbed for studies over all other places worldwide?”. What really makes the UK nonpareil in imparting professional courses that over 270 groups of different ethnicities worldwide make the UK their home?

The answer is simple: because of the cornucopia of benefits it offers!

While the education from your home country might hold immense significance, it lacks the global exposure that the UK offers. Factors like proven educational infrastructures, top-notch teaching methodologies, diversified culture, etc. all contribute to the reputation of the educational standards in the UK. If you want to attain the ne plus ultra in your career, then procuring UK degrees is how you must go on about it.

Let us now enumerate the reasons why you must procure a degree from the UK for a healthy career in your future.

  1. Worldwide Reputation

Over the centuries, the UK has garnered much reputation as a country of educational institutes upholding outstanding academic standards. This is attributed to the centuries-old argosy of heritage in Britain. For a country that founded the famous 800-year-old universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the pedestal it stands on today is well-justified.

The same quality of education from those centuries-old universities has been embodied in the modern universities that offer UK degrees. The 2020 QS World University Index reveals that the top 50 universities in the world are located in the UK. How’s that for quality education?

  1. Diversified Cultures

The UK encompasses people from a whopping 270 different ethnicities speaking over 300 different languages. To put that into perspective, imagine over 458,000 students making their way into the top universities in the UK every year. And if that isn’t enough substratum, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) has awarded the UK the second-most popular study destination in the world. So, if you are embarking on your journey to find the apex of modern studies, you can be certain of a warm welcome in the UK.

  1. Wide Range of Studies

With over 30,000 courses and UK degrees to choose from, you can rest assured that you will find your choice of career in the United Kingdom. Kaplan alone offers almost 3000 education degrees from different disciplines in the UK. From Master’s Degree in Game Design to Master’s Degree in Outdoor Learning, you have it all. So, if you’re having second thoughts or are dubious of finding your field of choice, think again! For all you know, you might even find a degree you didn’t know even existed!

  1. Short Course Lengths

Would it be stupefying to say that you can complete your post-graduation in the UK in just 1 year? Yes, you read that right.

If you were to pursue your undergraduate business management degree in any other place, scilicet, the USA, it would take you at least 4 years to complete your bachelor’s and at least 3 years for Master’s. In the UK, you can complete your bachelor’s in business management in just 3 years and your master’s in 1 year. So, essentially, for the time you would be taking to complete your bachelor’s in a place like the USA, you can complete both your under-graduation and post-graduation in the same amount of time in the UK!

  1. Rich Heritage

The UK is profuse when it comes to history. From the palatial Buckingham Palace to the prehistoric, recondite Stonehenge, there is much to explore. If that isn’t riveting enough, you can pay a visit to world-class concert venues like Birmingham’s Symphony Hall. If you are a partier, you will find delight in the many music festivals that take place in the UK throughout the year.

  1. Ease of Travel

The UK has a world-class infrastructure and houses a dense transport network. So efficient is the travel system that you can reach any part of the UK in a matter of hours, regardless of the distance. One would take full advantage of their trip to the UK by exploring different countries and cultures.

  1. Home to one of the Largest Libraries in the World

The British Library in London catalogues over a whopping 170 million items! One of the most interesting features is the famous Reading Room, where you can collect your thoughts and introspect. So, if you cannot find enough resources at your university (something that’s highly unlikely), you can always resort to finding your answers at the British Library.

  1. Unwavering Standards

One of the most important reasons in this list is that universities in the UK are regularly appraised and evaluated by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). This step ensures that the UK retains its educational standards despite the establishment of new universities and that the UK degrees stay relevant.

While the teaching standards at universities in the UK are constantly assessed by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TES), the research at the UK Universities is graded by Research Excellence Framework (RES). This indicates that your investment in any of the universities in the UK is highly valued.

Undoubtedly, UK is one of the top — if not the top — study destinations in the world and procuring a degree there would put you at the top of your game. However, as international experience plays an important role in scaling the success of your career, you can start off by studying you bachelor’s in a place like the UAE and then setting forth to the UK for your master’s.

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