8 Reasons Why You Must Pursue a Master’s Degree


You have graduated at the top of your class and now are mulling over which avenue to pursue. Or like the most of us, you have already developed a mental career trajectory of where you want to see yourself down the road.

We are no stranger to the besetting paranoia of making the right career choices, because what we choose to do after graduating is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, determinant of your success down the pike. How we decide to spend our time in our early 20s will play a huge factor in defining who you are, which is why we spend an inordinate amount of time and efforts in choosing the right career choice.

Most of us are stumped by the common predicament of whether to find a good job or venture into pursuing one of the many Masters programs in UAE for a better career. Now, it would seem tempting enough to reap the fruits of your labor that you have been sowing at a college university, and land a good-package offer at your dream company. However, the question mark arises at your capability of accruing more knowledge and achieving something bigger. Would your choice of starting a job today manifest into a monumental regret tomorrow?

To help you weigh-in on your decisions, we are enumerating 8 reasons why you must pursue a Master’s Degree:

  1. Jack of all trades, master of none

Not for nothing has this age-old apothegm carried itself into the 21st Century. It’s a simple principle: the more knowledge you acquire, the better you understand your field of specialization. And the better you know, the more of an expert you will be. Moreover, once you procure your Master’s Degree, you will be able to spread your wings wider and research in your field of study. And when you focus on researching on a particular topic, you will earn experience that will give your CV a boost.

  1. Establish camaraderie with professionals in the same field

You might say that you already have connected with many of your fellow students and what would be new while you build relationships while pursuing your Master’s. Your question is well-justified but when pursuing your master’s, the people you work with will have the same mindset; a mindset of upskilling the self and bringing out the best. This boosts up your confidence and refines your purpose in pursuing a Master’s Degree in the field of your choice. That’s not all. Engaging gregariously with the same people will help you form a better professional network.

  1. Land better job opportunities

Applying for a chosen Master’s Degree among the many Masters programs in UAE will certainly cost you money, but it is one of the best investments you can make. A study recently conducted in the UK found that at least 16% of the postgraduates earn more than undergraduates in the UK. The United States boasts of a bigger number — 25%! The findings vary with every country but the message is clear: you earn better with a Master’s Degree. The same researchers also found that a whopping 78% of postgraduates find a job within 6 months of their graduation.

  1. A Master’s Degree adds value to your personality

As we make progress in educational sectors, we are also constantly diversifying the subject curricula and introducing more course options to students. This will significantly contribute to the talent pool of an individual’s development, and enhance personal and professional skills — not to mention that your interaction with students from different backgrounds will provide you an awareness of different ethical backgrounds. Pursuing your Master’s in a place like the Netherlands or UAE after seeking for the best universities in UAE will provide you with a platform wherein you can improve your social and interpersonal skills.

  1. Ease of changing your field of study

If you feel like pursuing something more challenging or something new, you may have to completely change your area of study. One of the most prominent ways to go on about that is starting with a Master’s program of your choice. There are many universities that offer undergraduates from different backgrounds a Master’s program of their choice. All you have to do is find the right university in UAE.

If you feel that you have chosen to complete your Bachelor’s in a field of study you later have grown to dislike, you can easily jump to master a degree you have a natural passion for.

  1. Bolstering your career growth with a Master’s Degree

You may land a really good position at a company, but the climb up the ladder might be inhibited by your lack of knowledge and experience in the field. However, if you land a job, climbing up the ranks will get more seamless as you will be backed up with your Master’s Degree. A Master’s Degree enables you to apply for higher and advanced positions, and gives you a better incentive over other undergraduate employees, automatically making you a valuable asset to the company. Not just that, for you will also attain a better job security and start your job with an upper hand over your undergraduate colleagues.

  1. Place yourself in the best team

Be it while pursuing your online masters in UAE or after your graduation, you will always be surrounded by researchers and savants with the same interests as yours. This indubitably lends a lot of value to your knowledge pool and constantly urges you to achieve better and aim higher.

Making informed decisions on your career, as we have seen, can be challenging without fully understanding the current landscape of the educational infrastructure. Nonetheless, it is absolutely imperative to upskill yourself and cement your career in excellence.

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